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DJ Industrial Average
16,501.65 unch

INDU Quote

Time of last trade 4:32 PM EST - quote delayed 20 min.
Previous Close16,501.65
Intraday chart
Day's High16,541.26
Day's Low16,452.30
Volume80.34 Mil.
52-Week High16,631.63
52-Week Low14,551.27

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Market Summary

Nikkei 22514,497.73+92.74+0.64%10:24 PM
TOPIX1,173.56+8.66+0.74%10:24 PM
FTSE 1006,703.00+28.26+0.42%11:50 AM
DAX 309,548.68+4.49+0.05%12:00 PM
CAC 404,479.54+28.46+0.64%12:05 PM
FTSE MIB21,819.48+143.73+0.66%11:46 AM
Ibex-3510,462.00+37.60+0.36%11:53 AM
AEX397.10-0.24-0.06%12:00 PM
Dow16,501.65unchunch4:32 PM
Nasdaq4,148.34+21.37+0.52%5:15 PM
S&P 5001,878.61+3.22+0.17%4:32 PM
S&P/TSX14,554.25+20.86+0.14%4:54 PM